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Dear Esteemed Reader,

Happy New Year. On behalf of the management and editorial team at OilNews Kenya I am delighted to inform you that for the period 7th January 2020 to April 1st 2020 we are offering all advertisements at a discounted rate on a first come first get basis. Below are our new rates:


 Property                                             Product                                  Amount (per month)


Top (Header) Banner




$400 or Kes.40,000


Top side right Banner




$300 or Kes.30,000


2nd Top side right Banner




$200 or Kes.20,000


3rd Banner




$200 or Kes.20,000


Other Banners




$200 or Kes.20,000


Custom Editorial/Advertorial




$50 or Kes.5,000


Social Media:  Facebook

Google +




$50 or Kes.5,000


Social Media


Live tweeting (events)


$50 or Kes.5,000


Upstream Outlooks




$50 or Kes.5,000

All advertisement banners come with a back link to your website and a free editorial about your company where services or goods offered fall in the oil and gas industry (downstream, midstream or upstream). This offer is valid for the period 7th January 2020 to 1st April 2020.

Payments can be made through:

PayPal:  sales@oilnewskenya.com (International)

Bank Transfer:  Bank: Stanbic Bank

Branch: Karen

Account Name: OilNews Kenya

Account Number: 0100003525427

M-Pesa:          Paybill Number: 600100    Account Number:      0100003525427

We look forward to forging a new partnership with your organization. Thank You Very Much.

Kind Regards,

Samuel K. Mbote

Managing Editor

Tel: +254724684368

E: sales@oilnewskenya.com



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