4th Oil & Gas Africa – Int’l Trade Exhibition set for Nairobi in a fortnight

The 4th Oil & Gas Africa  Intenational Trade Exhibition that hopes to attract leading oil, gas and petroleum companies from around the world will be held 27th to 29th April 2015.

According to the organizers the Oil & Gas Africa will offer participants the opportunity to showcase the industry’s latest achievements and technologies while networking with key figures from the region’s oil and gas sector.

This regional trade event serves the resource-rich east African region and city of Nairobi with Kenya favored to host the event being a major centre of oil and gas activity for many of the leading operators in the country.

Kenya has attracted oil & gas companies not only because of its ports and strategic location but also because the government is keen not to be left out of the exploration. Oil discoveries in Uganda and Kenya and gas deposits found off Tanzania and Mozambique have turned east Africa into a hot spot for hydrocarbon exploration.

Trade visitors from all over East & Central African countries have being invited directly and in collaboration with several regional trade bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique & Congo.

Though Kenya by itself is one of the biggest markets in Africa, major emphasis is being laid upon attracting traders and importers from neighbouring countries.

The exhibition brings the industry together in a forum that is conducive to business.

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