ZIMBABWE: Invictus Energy Successfully Kicks-off the Mukuyu-2 Sidetrack Well

Invictus Energy has announced that the Mukuyu-2 well was plugged back with cement above the 9⅝” casing shoe (at approximately 1,966m Measured Depth (mMD) and drilling to kickoff the Mukuyu-2 ST1 (sidetrack) well was initiated and successfully achieved with 100% new formation drilled.

Following the successful kickoff of the 8½ inch sidetrack well, the mud system has subsequently been
displaced to the planned lighter weight drilling mud and bottom hole assembly (BHA) changed out to
include a new drill bit and Measuring While Drilling (MWD) tools.

The Exalo Rig 202 is currently drilling ahead towards the sidetrack section Total Depth at approximately
3,400mMD through the Upper and Lower Angwa reservoirs where multiple hydrocarbon bearing zones
were intersected in Mukuyu-2.

Following the conclusion of the drilling of the 8 ½ inch hole section, the sidetrack well will be logged
including wireline formation testing and final results provided.

The completion of the sidetrack will also allow for the well to be suspended for future flow testing
through running the 7-inch liner over this interval and retain the ability to drill, evaluate and test the
remaining portion of the Lower Angwa in 6-inch hole in future operations where over pressured gas
bearing reservoirs were encountered in the original Mukuyu-2 wellbore.

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