ZIMBABWE: Invictus Energy Completes Cabora Bassa Seismic Survey

The Cabora Bassa 2021 seismic survey has completed 467km of data acquisition and remediation of the completed lines has commenced.

The HSE performance throughout the program has been exceptional, and the project has now exceeded 100,000 hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

The preliminary processing of test Line 05 by Earth Signal is demonstrating promising results in comparison to the 2019 fully processed vintage data from the 1990 Mobil survey.

Figure 1 shows a substantial difference in quality between the datasets even at this
early stage of processing of the current survey which is extremely encouraging.

This very early stage data from Earth Signal is already providing Invictus with improved seismic resolution, good fault definition and sharper delineation. The final seismic products will determine the well locations for the high impact basin opening drilling campaign scheduled for 1H 2022.

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