Vivo Energy Kenya Launches Shell Motorbike Lubricants

Vivo Energy Kenya, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants, has launched Shell Advance, a new range of motorbike lubricants targeting  over 700,000* motorbikes in Kenya.

The industry has experienced exponential upsurge of motorbikes over the last three years the growth having increased by 500%*.   The motorbikes are used for commercial activities, passengers and goods transportation. Boda Bodas constitutes 80% of the motorbikes*.

Shell Advance will be launched in two varieties: Shell Advance AX3 and Shell Advance AX5. Shell Advance AX3 is designed for motorbikes with small, hot running and hardworking engines such as Boda Bodas, while Shell AX5 is a premium multi-grade lubricant designed for motorbikes with mid-sized engines.

Speaking during the launch Vivo Energy Kenya Managing Director, Mr. Polycarp Igathe, accentuated the company’s commitment to providing Shell quality products to all customers. “Our commitment is to serve the growing motorbike community in Kenya through the development of new oil concepts that meet the aspirations of motorcyclist’s today and in the future.”

He urged all motorbike riders to use the new lubricants and get a first-hand experience of its reliability. “Shell Advance is a lubricant that you can trust to offer reliable, durable and quality protection for your motorbikes. It is a lubricant that is coming from a trusted brand. I would like you to try it and give us your experience.”

The new Shell Advance motorbikes lubricants have Reliability, Control and Enjoyment (RCE) technology.  Reliability assures  the rider  that  the motorbike’s oil performances  is at its optimum, under  Control the rider has confident that they can easily engage gears and  have smooth acceleration and enjoyment is the guarantee of comfort to the rider due to reduced vibrations and engine noise.

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