UGANDA/TANZANIA: EACOP to be Constructed at Rate of 100km Monthly Consuming 5.6M Manhours

The 1443km East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) will be constructed at a rate of 100 kilometers monthly for a period of 16 months according to EACOP General manager Martin Tiffen. The EACOP a partnership between TotalEnergies 62%, UNOC 15%, TPDC 15% and CNOOC 8% will start from Kabaale – Hoima in Uganda to the Chongoleani peninsula near Tanga port in Tanzania with Uganda hosting 20% of the pipeline and Tanzania the majority 80%.

To achieve National Content in the EACOP project, Subcontracts will be cascaded down the supply chain to national suppliers & local services companies starting from the two EPC contractors McDermott and Sinopec who are in the process of seeking subcontractors for the various phases of the project.

Among the first opportunities for Ugandan companies to participate in civil works according to Hedi Dendani, Early Civil Work Package Manager:

“Civil activities are a good opportunity for Ugandan companies including the construction of roads, trenching for underground networks, building gard houses, workshops and office buildings. Construction of the EACOP has a lot of civil work where all services categorized as ‘ring fenced’ are being reserved for Local Ugandan companies.”

Further, EACOP and its main contractors will give priority to Ugandan Nationals in addition to providing required training to the local community to match with the job opportunities. According to TotalEnergies the EACOP project employment and training programs will require; 5,600,000 manhours, 124,000 training hours and 1,600 Ugandan Citizens. Hiring of Ugandans is expected starting June 2022 and to peak in 2023.


Employment, procurement and capacity-building form the three main pillars of the EACOP Project Local Content delivery broken down below:

  • Employment & training of Tanzanian/Ugandan citizens
  • Procurement of local goods & services
  • Proposals for technology transfer & capacity building

Download the latest outlook for the Tilenga project development phase and the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline 2021 – 2025 HERE

Other initiatives to support this project include:

  • Encourage and support the formation of joint ventures between international and local companies to facilitate transfers of competencies and most important of all, technologies;
  • Reinforcing the use of local Ugandan and Tanzanian workforce and contractors through training programs and support to local companies;
  • Incorporating national content programs in all project contracts to encourage and develop local procurement of goods and services;
  • Support supplier development by reducing the complexity of contracts as a way of making them accessible to the local contractors;
  • Support local supplier development with programs aimed at building capacity at national and community level;
  • Promote internships and attachment of Tanzanian/ Ugandan citizens in petroleum activities;
  • support to the Industry Enhancement Centre including Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards;
  • support of existing institutions in Uganda by providing knowledge, technology, mentorships and scholarships;
  • Ensuring EACOP sustainability and post project succession to Tanzanian/Ugandan citizens applying training schemes.

They were speaking during the ongoing TotalEnergies Supplier Development forum under THEME: “Enhancing Awareness and Participation in the EACOP Project.”

Download the latest outlook for the Tilenga project development phase and the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline 2021 – 2025 HERE

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