Tullow Oil to drill another 35 wells in 24 months in East Africa

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Tullow Oil is set to drill 35 wells by Q3 2016 in East Africa according to the recent overview presentation earlier this month.

This is even as the company focuses on three scales of explorations in multiple basins including oil field appraisal and testing, South Lokichar Basin drill-out and high-grading of multiple basins through wildcats.

On oil field appraisal and testing Tullow expects a combined total flow potential of 10kbopd (Thousand Barrels of Oil Per Day) from 2 wells as well as supporting accelerated development, focused on achieving material light oil production.

In the South Lokichar basin drill out Tullow says it has reached beyond threshold for development from 7 of 8 successful wells that have so far been confirmed some 600mmbo.

Tullow also says the South Lokichar basin shows similar potential to Uganda’s Lake Albert basin and plans to drill 10 wells in the remaining months of 2014.

Lastly Tullow Oil will test 5 basins will be tested through wildcats in 2014 including Kerio, Suguta, Kerio Valley,North Lokichar and Nyanza part of what the company says is high grading of the basins.

In the Turkana basin along the western edge 2 wells have been proposed in Engomo, while in North Lokichar Basin Tausi is ready to drill, in North Kerio Basin Aze is ready to drill and Dyepa is also ready to drill in the South Kerio Basin.

In the Turkwell Basin there are leads for seismic surveying while in the Kerio Valley Basin 2D seismic data acquired with one well planned for 2015

In the Suguta & Suguta West Basins legacy data is under review and options for further data acquisition have been identified.

A number of wells are also planned for the Chew Bahir basin at Gardim and Shimela in Ethiopia.

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