Tullow Oil, Kenya Government Committed to First Oil By 2017

The Kenya government and oil explorer Tullow Oil have reaffirmed plans to start product in the Lokichar basin by mid-2017 as planned in a meeting with the CEO and other senior executives of Tullow Oil in a statement by statehouse spokesman Manoah Esipisu .

According to a statement by the president’s office the government and Tullow Oil discussed planning and implementing options on how to get oil to the Kenyan coast.

In the meeting the President said he was encouraged to note the oil company’s plans to invest in the communities around that area by training Kenyans as drillers, welders and artisans, as well as working with Kenya Pipeline Company to create vocational programs in petroleum studies.

The President also assured Tullow Oil that he remains committed to overseeing investment in infrastructure that will make the extraction and movement of oil possible and profitable.

According to Tullow Oil the final investment decision for the early oil pilot scheme in Kenya’s oil rich South Lokichar basin is expected to be out either between the months of June and July 2016 and expects early oil at a rate of 2,000 barrels of oil a day through road transport to commence in July 2017 from where it shall be stored for up to 8 months as to when adequate export amounts of over 600,000 barrels shall be achieved

Currently the company says it holds about 70,000 barrels at the Ngamia and Amosing fields that was extracted during the extensive well testing programme


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  1. 60 per cent of all minerals and oil incomes from Kenya should go to Government of Kenya. 15 percent for Kenya Stock market
    ( African ) 5 perćent for counties in the province Remaining 20 percent for drillers and their enterprises

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