Tullow Oil faces industrial action in Northern Kenya

British explorer Tullow Oil has said it has been dealing with a limited industrial action in Northern Kenya where it is currently exploring for oil and gas.

“Negotiations between the county and central government representatives, workers’ representatives, Tullow and its supplier regarding the limited industrial action in Northern Kenya have concluded successfully. The small number of workers affected are now returning to work,” Tullow said in an updated holding statement.

Although the company did not name the affected sites Tullow Oil it is believed to have occurred in Turkana where the company has interests in three blocks including Block 10BA, Block 10BB and Block 13T.

According to Reuters Turkana governor Josphat Nanok has admitted that the company had faced unrests in his county and some employees and contractors of Tullow have been moved out of the drilling site, and some of them have been taken to Nairobi for safety.

“I was informed that there was unrest after employees contracted by Tullow expressed their grievances,” Nanok is quoted by Reuters.

Among work ongoing in Kenya and which could have been affected by the industrial action include the drilling of Ekosowan-1 which spud Sept 2014, drilling of Kodos-1 to test Kerio Central sub-basin in Sept 2014, drilling of Epir-1 to test Kerio North sub-basin in Q4 2014, drilling of Engomo-1 to test Turkana NW sub-basin in Q4 2014 and the five more sub-basins to be tested.

This is not the first time that the company has faced unrests in Northern Kenya as in 2013 workers went on strike to protest over alleged harassment, low wages and lack of insurance cover.

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