TPDC, Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Company Sign Mou To Assess Songo Songo West License

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and the Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Company Ltd of Arusha have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in conducting detailed assessments in the Songo Songo West license.

Speaking after signing the document, TPDC Managing Director, Dr. James Mataragio said the agreement between Minjingu and TPDC opens the opportunity to make professional evaluations to include data on the Songo Songo West block, which is owned by TPDC with the purpose being to seek sediment that can store oil or natural gas.

“TPDC already has a wealth of data on the Songo Songo West Block and will work closely with the Minjingu to ensure success in this project”, said Dr. Mataragio.

Dr. Mataragio also added that the agreement gives responsibility for both sides to work together within a period of one year to evaluate the possibility of sediment holding gas or oil on Songo Songo West block.

“If there will be a positive result then the other steps of the survey, including drilling will follow” added Dr. Mataragio.

In turn, Minjigu Director Hans Pardeep said local companies have been thrilled to be trusted by the government and will work with the highest order of professionalism while collaborating with TPDC to ensure they see success in the partnership.

“If gas is discovered it will then be utilized in the fertilizer project with which we are joint ventures partners with TPDC, Ferrostaal from Germany, Haldor Topsoe of Denmark and Fauji of Pakistani “said Hans.

The agreement opens the opportunity for TPDC and Minjingu to partner in research at the Songo Songo West Block, Mijingu is the first indigenous company to collaborate with TPDC in the exploration of oil and gas.

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