Total appoints new Africa division head as it restructures Exploration & Production Branch

French multinational integrated oil and gas company Total has announced that starting January 1st 2015, the Exploration and Production Branch of Total will be restructured with five geographical divisions, an Exploration division and five functional divisions.

As a result Total has appointed new regional heads for various regions with the Africa division to be headed by Guy Maurice from his previous post as the Senior Vice President, E&P Africa. Overall the Exploration division will be headed by Kevin McLachlan.

According to Exploration & Production President Arnaud Breuillac the changes will help the company deal with challenges affecting the group making it more objective.

“These changes are made with the objective to improve efficiency and adapt to the challenges the Group is facing,” says Breuillac.

Other appointments in the organization include Michel Hourcard to head the Americas division, Olivier de Langavant to head the Asia Pacific division, Michael Borrell to head Europe and Central Asia division (merge of Northern Europe and Continental Europe – Central Asia divisions) and Stéphane Michel to head the Middle East and North Africa.

Ladislas Paszkiewicz, currently Vice President of Americas division, will be appointed Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions in the Finance Division.

The Quality Health Safety Societal Security Environment division will be headed by Pierre Bang, Technical support to operations division and Development divisiont o be theaded by André Goffart, Strategy Growth Research division to be headed by Martin Deffontaines, and Corporate Affairs headed by Namita Shah.

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