Three Tips for Making an Exit Interview Count

For financial professionals who are changing positions, the last few days on the job you’re leaving can get very hectic. Projects must be wrapped up, emails answered, colleagues notified and so forth. It can also result in people stopping by to wish you well or relive fond memories when time is running at a premium. Then you get that call or email from Human Resources asking you for an exit interview. Some people choose not to do it because they just don’t have time. Others have a difficult time being honest or don’t believe it’s valuable. Regardless of the reason, there are three things you can do to make it worthwhile for you and the company.

Understand the Value 

Feedback and performance evaluations are necessary for people to grow and improve in their careers. The same is true for companies, departments and leaders. Your exit interview is a great opportunity to provide feedback on what is going well and what could be better. When you think about the colleagues you’re leaving behind, your feedback in an exit interview can improve their situation.

Reflect and Prepare 

Most companies will provide the questions for an exit interview ahead of time. Review the questions then schedule some quiet time to reflect on your answers. Consider the current state of the company or environment, but be sure to reflect over your full tenure so your feedback is relevant and holistic. You can also skim through old emails and calendars to help stimulate memories.

Be Specific 

When giving feedback, it is always more relevant and meaningful when you are specific. “The company doesn’t pay well” is vague and can be dismissed as unrealistic expectations or entitlement. Something like “The company pay range for my position is 10% below the median in this area” can help a company realize they need to look at their overall compensation to remain competitive. Accounting recruiters are a valuable resource for what industry standards are in your specific location, like finance recruitment agencies in Los Angeles.

A confident, meaningful and succinct exit interview will lead to a healthy transition for you and actionable feedback for your soon-to-be-previous employer.


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