TANZANIA: TPDC to Build New Ntorya to Madimba Gas Pipeline

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) has started the construction process of a 35 km long gas pipeline from Ntorya to Madimba. The process has started by holding an awareness meeting for the citizens of Madimba, Moma, Mbawala and Nanguruwe Districts regarding the construction of the project which will start from Ntorya Village.

Speaking during the meeting, the Head of Mtwara District Hon. Dustan Kyobya has said that the initial stage of the research on the areas that the pipeline will pass has already been done and identified 12 villages. Those villages are Namayakata, Ngorongoro, Mbawala, Mwindi, Nachenjele, Mile kumi, Ding’ida, Likweta, Minyembe, Namidondi and Mendachi.

Kyobya  said that the next step to take place is the property valuation exercise on the 20 meter wide pipeline. The aim of the exercise is to identify the development that took place on the land including houses, crops and other assets to determine its value and to prepare compensation payment procedures for the owners who will pledge the project.
In addition, Kyobya has asked the citizens of the areas passed by the pipeline developer to cooperate with TPDC when they pass through their areas in the valuation exercise.

“I ask the citizens to be truthful in providing correct information about the owner of the area and also give cooperation to the experts who will pass through your areas during the exercise to avoid various land disputes.”

Likewise, Mha. Emmanuel Gilbert from the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) said that the implementation of the project aims to increase the production of natural gas energy due to the increase in the use of natural gas in electricity production, gas use in cars, industrial and domestic use.

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