Sudan, South Sudan Sign Continued Oil Cooperation Agreements

A draft for the development of oil cooperation agreements between Sudan and the State of South Sudan in the technical and economic fields has signed in the context of expanding the horizons of cooperation in the field of oil included the exchange of technical information and the proposed programs to increase oil production in southern Sudan in addition to capacity building and the exchange of expertise in technical fields. The draft agreements also included entering new fields to increase oil production in the State of South Sudan in the Al-Wehda and Tomathouth fields, in addition to working on re-pumping and entering field (5A). In the oil production department and providing technical support in two blocks (3,7) in the state of the south, it also included standing on the position of the transitional financial arrangements and the position of the supply quantities from Dar Ore for each of the Umm Dabaker plant and the Khartoum refinery, and accelerating the arrival and clearance of materials and equipment related to the oil sector South via Portswan Port.

The Minister of Energy and Mining in charge, Eng. Khairy Abdul Rahman, affirmed Sudan’s commitment to providing all aid and aid in the field of oil and increasing oil production in the State of Southern Sudan on the basis of the eternal and historical relations between one people in two countries, indicating that the new leadership of the oil sector in Sudan and after the glorious revolution is working with a different spirit and a firm desire to exploit The fortunes of the two countries are for the benefit of their peoples, with the desire and patronage of the leadership of the two countries to advance the horizons of economic cooperation, and the Minister of Energy conveyed through them the greetings of the Prime Minister and the staff of the transitional government in Sudan to the leadership of the state in southern Sudan.

The Minister of Petroleum of the State of South Sudan, Voet Kang, affirmed the implementation of all that was signed between the two parties, describing that agreement as a real shift to increase joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of the oil industry, praising the welcome and fruitful cooperation from their brothers in Sudan, explaining that the state of South Sudan agreed to open a state coordination office. Sudan in Juba, appealing to the companies and various related units to provide the necessary facilities for the flow of oil equipment in the State of South Sudan.

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