Sudan Participates in an American Conference to Promote the Oil Potentials Available for Investment

The Sudanese delegation, consisting of a number of technical experts in the Sudanese oil sector, participated in the activities of the annual American Petroleum Geologists Association conference.

The conference was to promote the exploration and development sectors in the world, which was held in an ambassadorial session from London this year from mid-February and continuing to the fourth of next March under the auspices of the American Geologists Union.

To get international companies to work in Sudan in some squares, including empty and producing basins in the Muglad basins, the White Nile, the Blue Nile, Khartoum, the island, the North and the Red Sea, the delegation made a number of technical offers to promote the large oil potential in Sudan for investment.

Twenty countries, including Sudan, participated for the first time in a unique precedent in the history of the country’s oil industry after the lifting of the American blockade.

The participation in such global events is a qualitative transfer to the petroleum sector in Sudan, as it allows investors and decision-makers in international companies to know the capabilities of Sudan with regard to the oil industry from exploration and development and knowledge of the infrastructure of central petroleum processing plants, pipelines and specialized oil ports in Sudan.

The delegation of the Ministry of Energy and Oil provided a full explanation and a useful presentation about Sudan’s oil potential. The presentation won the approval of the participants, which led to interaction and inquiries to learn more about the Sudanese oil industry, Sudan’s petroleum potentials, and the available investment opportunities. 

The activities of the conference will continue until the fourth of March, during which Sudan will present a brief second presentation on the higher management of companies that includes all aspects of oil exploration and its potential in this field. The program will also include a presentation of the squares put forward for investment. 

Sudan’s participation came under the umbrella of the Ministry of Energy and Oil, the General Administration for Oil Exploration and Production, the Promotion Division, in coordination with the Ministry’s Promotion and Investment Committee. 

It is worth noting that the committee has sought the assistance of some experts and specialists from the national technical cadres abroad and at home to prepare and present technical presentations on those boxes in a manner that conforms to international standards.

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