SOMALIA: New Minister for Petroleum & Mineral Resources Takes Office

The minister of petrol and mining of the Federal Government of Somalia has taken over his position. The deputy prime minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mr. Salah Jaamac has handed over the new minister Abdirisaaq Omar Maxamed and the former minister of the ministry Mr. Abdirashid Maxamed Ahmed.
The former minister of the ministry Honorable Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed welcomed the new minister and deputy prime minister Salah Jama and he gave information about the works he had done during his stay at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.
The new minister  Mr. Abdirisaaq Cumar Maxamed  spoke during the occasion of the transfer of post and promised to improve the country’s exploration efforts saying the Somali people had a lot of hope in the ministry.
The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Salah Jaamac has congratulated the former minister, for the time he spearheaded the ministry saying he has seen the country attract more investments.

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