Simba Energy to acquire 2D seismic in Kenya’s Block 2A in H1 2015

Simba Energy expects to acquire 300 to 400 kilometers of 2D seismic in the Mandera and Anza basin in the next six months targeting two of the five prospects identified by the high resolution Gravity Gradiometry completed in August.

Through 2D seismic survey the company hopes it will be able to further delineate drilling locations as well as confirm the depth and volume of estimates for the identified primary as well as secondary targets.

In the Anza basin the five targets identified as A1 (primary), A2/A3 and A4/A5 displayed varying results with A1 with an area extent of 44 square kilometers showing a similar fault zone to that in Ngamia (in the Lokichar basin) with the estimates expected to be at shallow depth.

Block 2A A1, A2

In the other targets details on the depth and depth are yet to be determined although in A4/A5 similar fault zone to that in Ngamia has also been identified. In A2/A3 the company is looking at an area extent of 53 square kilometers while in A4/A5 an area of 55 square kilometers was identified by the FTG.

The 2D seismic is therefore expected to confirm the prospect status at A1 with potential drilling locations in A1 and A4/A5.

In the Mandera basin where the company estimates existence of over 1 billion barrels potential a 265 kilometer 2D seismic is also planned on the M1 and M3 prospects  where a 4 way closure was clearly correlated by the earlier 2D seismic , passive seismic and FTG.

Block 2A M1, M3 prospects

Simba has already identified a tilted fault block to the north while the area extent is estimated to be between 85 and 102 square kilometers with estimates at a depth of between 1500 and 1700 meters.

The data from the seismic is also expected to evaluate pearl trends for both basins as identified by the FTG and ultimately revise the block’s estimates, last placed 445.3MMboe, in conjunction with Sproule Worldwide Petroleum Consultants.

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