Simba Energy expands FTG survey over Block 2A, farmout discussions start

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Simba Energy Inc has announced that it will complete an airborne FTG survey (Full Tensor Gradiometry) that commenced with daily flights about 10 days ago in the next 7-10 days.

According to Simba Energy the program has been expanded somewhat to cover a new and significant target area identified by preliminary FTG results received to date with the aircraft initially covering the secondary smaller survey area (850kms²) at the southwest boundary of Block 2A in order to investigate the area within the Anza basin.

Results of the initial FTG survey in this area the company says have been encouraging.

In conjunction with the commencement of the FTG program on Block 2A, the Company has advises it has engaged Campbell & Walker Geophysics Ltd. (Christopher ‘Kit’ Campbell, P. Geo.) to provide Project Management & QA/QC for the Company’s FTG survey.

Kit Campbell has worked extensively with airborne gravity gradiometry in the East African Rift System as well as throughout North and South America for many years. Mr. Campbell’s expertise in this field is well known and ensures that an effective program for the Company will be achieved.

Considered with the known geology and modeling of the Anza basin in this area, the preliminary data from these FTG results indicate the existence of two basinal structures within the basin’s margin:

  1. A new large basinal structure identified with an area of +/-100 kms² in the southwestern most extents of Simba’s concession.
  2. A second basinal structure of +/- 40kms² lying about 15kms to the southeast appears coincident with the northern extents of the Badada prospect in Block 2B (just south of Block 2A) controlled by Taipan Resources Inc., w/ Premier Oil farming in for 55%.

The FTG survey coverage will be expanded by +/- 100kms² to the northeast of the new target area in order to provide full gradiometry coverage through to the known extents of the Anza basin’s margins controlled by Simba.

The Company’s larger and primary survey area in Block 2A provides coverage over the Mandera basin, lying just SE from the City of Wajir. This area is now in the final stages of data acquisition, with total survey completion expected within a week’s time and final Results and reporting are anticipated to be available within 3–4 weeks once all data acquisition is complete.

Resulting data from this FTG survey will serve to provide better targeting and more cost-effective 2-D seismic acquisition planned for later in the year, preparatory to final drilling decisions.

Simba has had discussions with a number of companies expressing interest in farming directly in to Block 2A to undertake a 2D seismic program with a drilling commitment, based on these FTG results currently being generated.” stated Robert Dinning, President & CEO.

Block 2A’s concession area overlies the southern extents of both the Anza basin, one of the largest Tertiary-age rift basins in the East African rift system and with a geological setting similar to the South Lokichar basin where Africa Oil and Tullow have recently had significant discoveries; as well as the Mandera basin where the Tarbaj-1 well and nearby oil seeps in the south of Block 1 have already confirmed the presence of a petroleum system within Upper Triassic and Jurassic formations.

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