Seychelles Junon 3D PreSDM Processing now Complete

Seychelles Junon Pre-Stack Depth Migration (PreSDM) processing has now been completed and the final volume of data delivered to joint venture partner WHL Energy in mid-May 2015 according to the quarterly activities report by the company.

Interpretation of this data by the block operator Ophir has commenced, to re-evaluate prospects previously mapped on an earlier, interim PreSTM volume of the Junon 1,528km2 3D seismic survey and is expected to continue through to the end of August.

According to WHL Energy Chairman, Mr Stuart Brown the data will enable the operator decide on whether to continue to the drilling phase.

Now that the PreSDM data set has been received, Ophir, Operator of the Seychelles joint venture, is making a concerted effort to interpret this data, leading to a decision by the end of the year on whether to participate in the drilling phase.” “We are looking forward to the results of the interpretation and to Ophir’s decision.” Mr Brown said.

The completion is significant as it is the first 3D survey ever acquired over WHL Energy’s Seychelles exploration asset and only the third ever acquired in the waters off the coast of the Republic of Seychelles which have shown geological affinities with the East Africa margin where over 150Tcf of gas has been discovered offshore Mozambique and Tanzania while oil in commercial quantities has been discovered south in Madagascar.

Junon 3D

The Junon 3D seismic survey was designed to mature a number of those prospects for drilling including Junon South, Junon East and Junon Central with an initial fast track processed data set  delivered in September 2014

WHL has 25 percent interest while the operator Ophir Energy has the remaining 75 percent.

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