Sercel Equips 3D Mega-Crew Seismic Survey in North Africa

Sercel is pleased to announce that its high-performance equipment is currently being deployed on another 3D mega- crew survey, this time by a major North African geophysical company. The crew is operating with an 80,000-channel 508XT land acquisition system, complete with QuietSeis® digital sensors, and ten Nomad 90 Neo broadband vibrators in challenging desert terrain.

Seamlessly integrated into the digital version of the 508XT, QuietSeis, the industry’s most advanced third-generation MEMS sensor, ensures optimum data accuracy and stability. With its outstanding low-noise performance, it detects the weakest signals in a very large frequency bandwidth. It also simplifies infield deployment, requiring less crew
intervention and reducing inherent operational safety risks.

Combined with the superior seismic data performance of QuietSeis, super-heavy Nomad 90 Neo vibrators are the ideal choice for a high-productivity broadband survey program, providing a wider frequency range, high energy output and excellent sweep quality.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: “It is especially exciting to have our latest-generation digital equipment deployed on this high-channel-count onshore survey. Our 508XT acquisition system and Nomad 90 Neo vibrators are exactly the right combination for high-performance surveys, delivering unparalleled subsurface data quality for clearer seismic imaging.”

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