SENEGAL/MAURITANIA: Great Turtle Ahmeyim Project’s Central Hub Completed

After successfully completing the installation of the 21 caissons, our Eiffage Génie Civil Marine teams have just finished the central platform of the hub located 10 km from the coast on the Mauritania-Senegal border.

This platform represents more than 3 200 tonnes of steel structure and 200 prefabricated concrete elements installed by two 300-tonne cranes moving forward.

All these elements were supplied by cargo barges from our marine base in the port of Dakar. A fleet of fifteen vessels was operated by Eiffage Génie Civil Marine teams, including a 300-bed floatel.

Eiffage adds that close management of simultaneous operations with its partner Saipem ensured safety and adherence to the schedule.

Further, the company says in line its local content policy, more than 75% of our teams on this operation were made up of local personnel, the majority of whom were experiencing offshore work for the first time.


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