SASOL considers expanding into Tanzania, Ghana and Angola

Sasol is seeking into expanding into more Eastern and Western African countries according to an interview with Reuters on Monday.

The South African company earlier in the year reported it was conducting a study to build a gas-to-liquid (GTL) plant in northern Mozambique with Italian oil and gas group as its first priority in Mozambique in an interview with the CEO David Constable.

Asked on which countries the company would prioritize into operating in Constable told Reuters would look into ‘Angola, Ghana onshore and Tanzania all of which have already shown potential especially in natural gas towards the east and oil in Ghana and Angola towards the west.

“Angola, Ghana onshore and Tanzania, those types of countries is where we’ll take a run,” the CEO is quoted by Reuters.

Sasol is however quick that it would venture into Tanzania as a non-operator producing assets and take part in oil or gas exploration in these countries.

Sasol is already facing challenges from the volatile exchange rate and oil price assumptions with increasing geopolitical tensions among the company’s foreseen challenges in future.

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