PGS Data Supports Nigeria 2024 Bid Round

On Monday 29 April 2024, the Nigeria Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) announced the opening of the Nigeria 2024 Bid Round. Twelve blocks are on offer: six located on the continental shelf, four deep offshore blocks and two onshore blocks in the Niger Delta.

PGS Data Covers 10 Offshore Blocks

PGS has MultiClient seismic data over ten of the blocks, from MegaSurvey full-stack PSTM to the currently in-processing Nigeria Vision a fully reprocessed PSDM dataset, which is accompanied by pre-stack products, and will be available to license in Q3, 2024.

Through depth reprocessing, enhanced imaging of targets can be achieved with improved illumination of complex structures associated with the diapiric movement of the Akata Shale Formation. New modern broadband reprocessing results in seismic data rich in frequency content, with velocity model building enabling clearer imaging of structures, faults, and traps.

Further complementing this depth data, PGS also offers several recently reprocessed PSTM datasets, including the Nigeria MegaSurveyPlus.

AVO compliant pre-stack data can be licensed as part of these datasets and helps to reveal subtle depositional features, significantly de-risking exploration.

PSTM reprocessing provides a significant uplift in imaging across the structurally complex Niger Delta.

Benefits for Bidders 

Potential bidders in the round benefit both from the clear legislative backdrop of Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Act from NUPRC, and the wealth of 3D seismic data from PGS.

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