Nock, Shell among Oil marketers’ guilty of mixing products

Major oil companies including government owned National Oil Corporation (Nock) are among 16 rogue marketers penalized by the energy regulatory commission.

The other major oil companies include multinational oil giant Shell and local companies Hass and Oilcom who were said to be selling adulterated petroleum products mainly petroleum and diesel alongside other outlets under small companies.

“During the exercise, 1,350 tests were carried out in 539 petroleum outlets and over 98 per cent of them were found to be compliant,” ERC said in a public notice.

The regulator also penalized 5 transporters who were found ferrying mixed fuel.

Apart from sub quality products the ERC also accused a number of companies for diverting fuel meant for export to Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan into the local market thereby evading taxes.

The 16 were netted following a swoop by the Kenya Bureau of standards, The Kenya Revenue Authority and the Energy Regulatory Authority.

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