Niger, Emerging Energy Sign Agreement to Develop Green Hydrogen

The government of the Republic of Niger today announced that it has signed an agreement with Emerging Energy Corporation (EEC), a leading German energy solution provider, to work together to explore and develop commercial green hydrogen projects in Niger.

Emerging Energy Corporation will also invest in various project to decarbonize Oil field operations and refineries in Niger with Carbon Capture technologies. Green hydrogen will be produced in Niger by electrolysis, using renewable power.  This low-carbon solution will decarbonize emission-intensive industries in Niger, Africa, Europe and other countries that depend a lot on fossil fuels.

Both the Government of Niger and Emerging Energy Corporation believe Hydrogen is crucial for both Europe, America and Africa in our march toward a net-zero emission future.

Both parties will find opportunities to enable demand for the product and prepare Niger to become a hub for green hydrogen production in the region. Green hydrogen produced in Niger Republic is an important driver to accelerate industrial decarbonization and contribute to the electrification of processes, since it is obtained from renewable sources, besides generating more competitive and decentralized dynamics by joining the different market segments.

The partnership is extremely relevant for Niger Republic, the European and American markets. Both sides met in Cape Town South Africa during African Energy Week in 2021 and commence negotiations.

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