National Oil to start 3D seismic in Kenya’s Block 14T

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National Oil Corporation the operator of Block 14T will start the acquisition of 100 square kilometers in the northern basin after the integration of data acquired in a 20,000 line km of Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) data over the block.

The FTG by Fugro Airbone Services that has been completed according to National Oil Managing director Sumayya Athmani was after a gas seepage geochemical study and was meant to map tertiary fault systems, map volcanic and salt structures if present delineate fault-bonded anticlinal structures and horst blocks.

“We have already exceeded our work operation requirements having acquired geological studies, surface geological mapping, ground gravity data, 2D survey as well as a Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry one of the very few that have been carried out in the country,” Athmani told OilNews on the sidelines of the local content convection held last week in Nairobi.

The company has already carried out a 500 kilometer 2D seismic in the Northern part of the block.

The company says it plans to drill Kenya’s first indigenous well from a 100% local company in 2016.s

Besides this the company has also announced plans to set up a seismic processing and data visualization center based at its Nairobi headquarters as well as a geochemical and petrophysical laboratory that will provide the wide range of analytical data all in 2015.

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