MOROCCO: Anchois Project Gas to be evacuated through the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline

Chariot Limited has signed a Pipeline Tie-In Agreement with the Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM) securing access to the major Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline (GME) in Morocco. The GME, owned and operated by ONHYM, runs from eastern Morocco through to Tangiers in the north and subsequently across to Spain. This agreement will enable the gas produced from the Anchois Gas Project, offshore Morocco, to be transported via the GME to different potential offtakers.

Pierre Raillard, Head of Gas Business & Morocco Country Director at Chariot, commented:
“I am very pleased to announce the signing of this Pipeline Tie-In Agreement with our partner on the Lixus licence, ONHYM. This moves Chariot a step closer towards delivering first gas from the Anchois gas field to potential customers using the GME pipeline. The Anchois Gas Project is a highly strategic asset given the continued volatility of global energy markets and combined with its proximity to the international GME pipeline, we are well placed to bring gas online as quickly as possible.”

The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline is a natural gas pipeline, which links the Hassi R’Mel gas field in Algeria through Morocco with Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain, where it is connected with the Spanish and Portuguese gas grids.

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