LIBYA: Waha Oil Company Completes Maintenance Work for the Main Crude Transmission Line

The technical teams at Waha Oil Company on Wednesday completed the maintenance operations of the main 32-inch oil transmission line connecting the fields (Al-Samah – Al-Dhahra) to ESidra port at the points 70 km and 71 km, which continued over 24 hours for two consecutive days.
The work was completed ahead of schedule and the task was accomplished within two days instead of a week and by national hands, which contributed to reducing the losses resulting from the halt in production, which was estimated to reach about one million barrels, and the production of the Waha Company was raised by 200 thousand barrels per day.
Waha Oil had on Monday that had started the operations of treating and cutting the lost pipe as of Tuesday, 04 of January 2022, for a period of one week, which means, in numbers, a loss of 200 thousand barrels per day and a loss of sales opportunities exceeding 107 Million US dollars.
According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors at NOC:
“The infrastructure in the oil sector has become in a situation where it is not possible to continue its regular operation due to the large number of leaks and the deterioration of surface facilities, due to the consequences of illegal closures in the past years, as well as the absence of approved budgets for the sector, which It will ensure the preservation of the integrity of the assets of the national oil sector. Moreover, the revenues of the public treasury will be negatively affected, and all this is a result of the failure of decision-making bodies to liquidate approved budgets for the second year in a row.”

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