LIBYA: NOC Warns Potential for Military Escalation Following Deployment of Foreign Mercenaries at Oil Installations

Libya’s National Oil Corporation has said it is deeply concerned at reports of the increasing likelihood of an intensification of the military conflict, potentially extending to oil and gas facilities.

NOC has condemned the deployment of Wagner Group, Syrian and Janjaweed mercenaries in the oil installations, most recently at Es Sidra port, and has demanded their immediate withdrawal from all facilities. NOC has further called on the United Nations Mission in Libya to send observers to supervise the demilitarisation in the areas of its operations across the country.

“NOC’s primary concern is the safety and welfare of the 65,000 staff who work for the NOC across Libya. NOC Chairman Eng Mustafa Sanalla has instructed NOC managers to review safety measures in the light of the increased threats.”

Citing Libya’s dependency on its ability to produce and export oil and gas NOC says protecting oil infrastructure from damage is therefore a priority for all those who wish Libya to thrive.

NOC added it is closely monitoring and documenting the illegal activities currently taking place inside NOC facilities and will continue to do so as to protect all infrastructure.

“The ongoing Libyan oil blockade not only helps foreign oil exporters by removing Libyan production from global markets, it also causes enormous damage to Libyan wells, fields and pipelines, further eroding Libya’s future wealth and productive capability. ”

NOC has called on all Libyans to support a lifting of the oil blockade, and to counter the interests of foreign agents intent on preventing Libya from producing oil. Further NOC has reiterated the need for a professional and independent oilfield security force capable of resisting pressure from dissatisfied armed groups.

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