LIBYA: NOC & Waha Oil Company Discuss Strategic Projects to Increase Production Capacity & Support National Economy

Following up with both the safety of the operations and production continuity from the fields of the Waha Oil Company, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NOC, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, met owith the Chairman of the Owners Committee of the Waha Oil Company, Dr. Rajab Abdul-Sadiq.
During the meeting they discussed projects that would maintain the current production rates of oil and gas, as well as development projects to increase production capacity. They have also discussed the NOC’s strategic plans for improving the company’s undeveloped discoveries. The meeting’s agendas also covered development and investment in human resources to ensure implementation of the company’s ambitious projects.
In conclusion, Eng. Sanalla commended the efforts made by the workers in the oil fields and ports of Al-Waha Company, which were made to ensure the continued flow of oil and gas despite difficult challenges and circumstances the company faces. Both Mr. Sanalla and Mr. Abdul-Sadiq agreed to work on overcoming these challenges and provide the budgets required for the implementation of the discussed projects.

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