Kenya’s Block 2A seismic results expected in April

Following the completion of acquisition of 2D seismic in Block 2A earlier this month by Africa Geophysical Services Ltd Simba Energy says processing of lines is ongoing with the process expected to be finished in the next 30 days.

The 2D seismic acquired a total of five hundred and twenty (520) kilometres of 2D seismic lines on the Block 2A which lies within the Mandera basin in Eastern Kenya.

According to Chief Technical Officer at Africa Geophysical Services Ltd James Dick the data quality was excellent and its coverage combined with the historical 2D, the Full Tensor Gradiometry and Passive Seismic has provided an excellent picture of the structural and depositional style of the Mandera Basin in Block 2A.

“The specific aim of the seismic survey was to evaluate and detail the present prospects as well to use the enhanced quality of the data to seek out additional leads previously not identified due to old chaotic data in the Historical 2D. The survey met and exceeded all its objectives,” he says.

He adds that preliminary interpretations of the structural and stratigraphic data based on fast-track seismic sections is promising and the combination of the previous work and the recent data acquisition has resulted in a significant improvement in understanding the depositional environment in that there is good support between the various evaluation tools.

“In particular, the relationship between the FTG and the recent 2D seismic acquisition adds a much higher level of prospectively for the block,” he adds.

Once final data processing is complete, integrated interpretation work will begin on all existing datasets and mapping the various levels to evaluate optimum locations for drilling. Simba had earlier expected to drill the first well in Block 2A in Q1 2017 and had even announced the purchasing of a drilling rig, however the delay in completion in acquisition of seismic could have led to the delays.

The ultimate objective being to find the most optimum location for the first exploration well on block 2A.

This work Simba Energy says is expected to be completed in near future.

Punkaj Gupta, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a Director of Simba Energy said;

“The completion of the 2D seismic acquisition programme is another major milestone for Block 2A and we are greatly encouraged by the early interpretations of the results. The survey has shown that Block 2A contains very favourable structural and stratigraphic conditions, and we remain on course to meet our target of commencing drilling later this year,” says Punkaj Gupta, Chief Executive Officer Simba Energy.

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