Kenya Seeks Geochemical and Petro Physical Laboratory Partner

The Kenyan government has through the National Oil Corporation (NOC) have floated a tender inviting Expression of Interest for Geochemical and Petro physical Laboratory collaboration that will assist the state body to generate specific data Packages including petrophysical studies, basin modeling studies among others.

In the tender set to expire in September National Oil says data generated will provide a direct revenue generation stream for all as well as encourage more interest in the exploration potential of the country by reducing exploration risk associated with Kenya.

The partnership between NOC and the successful bidder envisages a collaboration that would see detailed analysis initially to be undertaken by the Partner lab due to the specialized equipment and expertise required with the most of this work being handled by National Oil Corporation as time goes.

Among the main analysis that will form the starting point will include that of all rock samples within the possession of National Oil that will enable it to start generating new data as well as make available existing data.

“It is expected that National Oil lab could take on some of this work as expertise within the team grows. It is also important to note that, at the routine analysis stage, the large data stream could require more equipment than what National Oil will be initially requesting and would have in their set up.”

The Partner laboratory is also expected to be able to assist in the presentations of the Data Packages to investors, as well as make available summary data that can be accessed via the internet to entice potential investors. Another area would be presenting papers at specific symposium.

“It is also the Partner lab’s mandate to ensure that any agreement provides and clearly shows knowledge transfer throughout the period of the agreement (e.g. training).”

Laboratories will provide specifications and quotation for various forms of geochemical and Petrophysical instrumentation, software, methodologies, installation, support, and training for the analysis of source and reservoir rocks, as well as associated oils and gases.

Previously Pan African Petroleum Industrial Services Limited have signed a joint venture agreement with the National Oil Company to manage it’s Geochemical and Petrophysical laboratory.

As per earlier information National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) was set up a National Oil Geochemical and Petrophysical Laboratory and a core storage facility at the University of Nairobi Chiromo Campus with NOCK also donating equipment worth USD 1 million to be routinely used for geochemical analysis.

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