KENYA: National Oil Corporation commissions community projects for Block 14T

The National Oil Corporation of Kenya Thursday 21st July 2022 commissioned and handed over key community sustainability projects in Block 14T (Magadi Sub-basin) where the Corporation has been undertaking oil exploration activities within the southern part of th e Block 14T that stretches from Kajiado, Narok all the way to Nakuru and Baringo counties.

While accompanying the Board of Directors on a tour of the Block where the Corporation is undertaking further data acquisition, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Leparan Morintat commissioned and handed over a modern girl’s dormitory installed with forty (40) double decker beds and complete with an ablution block to Oloika Secondary School. The school is situated in Shompole and is the beneficiary of Shompole Group Ranch community sustainability projects that the Corporation has undertaken in fulfilment of the promise to the community. “The Shompole group ranch whose leadership is here with us today has given us the license to operate in this area. On behalf of the Corporation I am delighted that today the girls will have a modern, decent and safe place to sleep. This Dormitory will definitely give them a better opportunity to study and excel in their studies” Noted Mr. Morintat.

Thereafter, the CEO also handed over 150 desks to the Olkiramatian Arid Zone School situated in Olkiramatian Group Ranch within block 14T. “The desks that we are giving out today is the fulfilment of the promise we made to Olkiramatian Group Ranch last year. We are optimistic that the desks will go a long way towards improving the quality of education in this school for the benefit of the Olkiramatian Group Ranch community. The Corporation is also reviewing your other requests and proposal presented to us and we shall revert on the same soon. “Said Mr. Morintat.

The Magadi Sub basin occupies Shompole Group Ranch, Olkiramatian Group Ranch, Mu senke Community land and a few private ranches.

The Corporation has in the past undertaken other sustainability projects including the dril ling and equipping of two boreholes at Pakase and Olkiramatian, initiation of Musenke Irrigation Project supporting
800 households, the rehabilitation of Olkiramatian Cattle dip, and installation of dormitory beds &
provision of 300 desks and chairs for Olkiramatian Arid Zone Primary School amongst other initiatives.

Last year, the National Oil Corporation concluded conducting Magnenotelluric (MT) exercise on the Magadi sub-basin aimed at gathering more data as the Corporation seeks to beef up its data on the block to in aid in the identification of drill-able prospects in the block. The Corporation is undertaking several further studies for data acquisition to help market the block to a potential farm-in partners.

The completion of the projects have greatly improved the Corporation’s relationship with the
communities living within the block.

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