Kenya looks into establishing oil and gas industrial parks

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As East Africa potential to become a major global oil and gas producer continues to attract international investors Kenya is already looking into establishing Oil and Gas Industrial Parks and Support Bases.

According to a presentation by the National oil corporation’s managing director Sumayya Athmani during the stakeholder forum for oil and gas in June the plans that are an infancy stage include a supply base to support offshore operations that are happening on the Indian Ocean.

The services include well drilling where Kenya sees the opportunity to supply drilling fluids & chemicals, cementing, drilling tools, completion equipment, OCTG among others.

Also on focus is attracting companies that can provide operation & maintenance services that can provide production chemicals, materials, painting, offshore infrastructure maintenance, etc

To make the Regional Oil & Gas Maintenance &Service Hub a reality the idea is to establish special economic zones in Mombasa, Lamu and Kisumu where such companies can set up base while enjoying various tax and other levy reprieves.

Sumayya adds that the country will also provide room for setting up of a shipyard, Dry-Docking Facilities and Facility to service offshore marine vessels so as to make both Mombasa and Lamu the destination of choice for companies operating off the East African coast.

An oil & gas contractors and suppliers base is also targeted mainly dedicated for Local Demand.

Sumayya says the country will following the establishment of the facilities and services sector result in world class facilities in Mombasa, Lamu and inland.

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    1. There will be a great news release Thursday from aoi and tullow… Tomorrow.. Fingers crossed resources estimate are very important… Romours etom 1 a duster… Tpn will release update for block 1 Tuesday next week… Massive 5 bn bbl for el wak..

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