East Africa Oil and Gas expo 2014 kicks off in Nairobi

The East Africa Oil and Gas international trade fair has kicked off in Nairobi bringing together exhibitors including leading oil, gas and petroleum companies as well as assisting service players from around the world.

The three day international trade exhibition brings together companies involved in oil and gas drilling, pipelines, lubricants as well as power generation.


Many of the companies exhibiting expressed their urge to open offices in the region with Nairobi being the central location of activities citing easy connection to neighboring countries including Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Among companies that have confirmed their wish to set foot in the country include giant Chinese petroleum equipment industry manufacturer Shandong Kerui group holding company limited as well as partners.


According to Petro-King oilfield technology limited marketing development department Simon Fang the company hopes it can bring its expertise into the market that can help especially reduce drilling time to through turbo drilling technology.

Vaser Oil and Gas limited is another company that is providing documents meant for players in the upstream, midstream and downstream market.

We will be bringing to the industry including products such as ball valves, actuators and valve monitoring from the UK, Italy and China.

Other notable players including gas bottling plant specialist, drilling companies’, oil and gas underwriters among others.

Notably absent include oil and gas explorers working in the country, the national regulator National Oil Corporation of Kenya and government officials in the energy ministry.

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