GHANA: New PGS MultiClient for Tano Basin Now Available

PGS has completed imaging of the first-ever MultiClient 3D seismic survey offshore Ghana. The broadband KPSDM data reveals sharper imaging of prolific Cretaceous reservoir targets.

The 3D GeoStreamer survey acquired in 2019 targets the Tano Basin, an area that has recently received high-profile exploration success with the Afina-1X discovery well. Down-dip analogs of this play are well imaged with increased high- and low-frequency content providing sharper imaging and improved resolution of stratigraphic traps.

The first MultiClient broadband 3D shot offshore Ghana expands exploration efforts into the deep water of the Tano Basin.


Deepwater Exploration into Upper Cretaceous Reservoirs

The survey focuses on the Upper Cretaceous play, revealing deep marine turbidite channel and fan complexes that provide excellent reservoir potential in the Cenomanian, Turonian, and Campanian. Deeper syn-rift plays are also well imaged with multiple Albian-aged leads identified in tilted fault blocks and inversion anticlines. GeoStreamer data with FWI velocity model building and AVO compliant prestack data allow explorers to significantly derisk deepwater exploration in this prolific basin.

Full-stack KPSDM dip line highlighting syn-rift fault blocks and anticlinal structures overlain by Upper Cretaceous turbidite channel complexes.



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