GABON: BW Energy Completes Drilling operations on first Hibiscus Production Well

BW Energy has completed the drilling and completion operations on DHIBM-3H, the first production well of the Hibiscus / Ruche Phase 1 development campaign in the Dussafu licence offshore Gabon.

Responsibility for the DHIBM-3H well has been handed over to the production team which will finalise preparations for production start-up.

First oil from the well is expected in early April. Commissioning and start-up of the new gas lift compressor will follow the first oil activities on the FPSO. The DHIBM-3H well has been drilled from the BW MaBoMo production facility to a depth of 3,883 metres into Gamba sandstone reservoir in the Hibiscus field. Drilling operations began at the start of the year with batch setting of conductors and surface casing on three Hibiscus wells.

In addition, a further three conductors have been batch set on slots planned for Ruche / Hibiscus fields. The drilling campaign followed the successful installation of the production facility, risers, and pipeline. DHIBM-3H drilling results (drain length and reservoir properties) are in line with expectations.

The oil produced at Hibiscus / Ruche will be processed on the BW Adolo FPSO together with the established Tortue production before offloading to oil tankers.

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