Exclusive: Mtwara to Dar Es Salaam Gas Pipeline Project update

The construction of the Mtwara to Dar Es Salaam Gas Pipeline Project is almost complete with 504 km welded pipes of 505 km complete with 499 km trenched at Dar es Salaam Mkuranga, Lindi and Mtwara sections leaving less than 7 km to be done.

This is according to the Project Status Report for Major Stakeholders dated by September, 2014 obtained by OilNews Kenya which also involves the lowering-in pipes and Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) where laying of 460 km is already completed.

Other highlights include the backfilling of the installed pipes and FOC: 441 km of which is completed,  Madimba Processing Plant camps at 99% completed, Gas Processing Plant at Madimba civil works now at 80 % and Songo Songo Processing Plant Camps construction 99% completed.

On the Songo Songo Processing Plant Civil works are now at 73% while hydrostatic pressure testing of the pipeline now at 57%, Construction of Valve stations and gas receiving stations: Somanga 51% completed, Kinyerezi, Dar es Salaam at 61 % completed & Tegeta Dar es Salaam at 47 % completed while the demobilization of the Pipeline construction Camp 5 at Mkuranga completed.

Among some major projects activities that were set to go down this month included the receiving of Shipment cargos for the project at Mtwara & Dar Ports, completion of Pipeline Welding and Field Joint Coating for the welded joints and the completion of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for the welded field joints.

The project also has on its schedule the continuation of pipeline trenching, pipeline lowering – in and FOC laying, continuation with backfilling process and the construction of Gas receiving stations and block valve stations.

Among major activities still in early stages include gas gathering station and pipeline from Madimba to Mnazi Bay Gas field where pipe laying , welding, coating repair and trenching continues while the Gas Plant Construction at Madimba is ongoing foundation works are ongoing with the beginning of condensate Storage Tank site fabrication / erection set to begin.

The Gas Plant Construction at SSI is also set to complete foundation work for all the equipment of Gas plant as well as continue civil work for all buildings like control room, workshop/ware house among others with the continuation of the erection and fabrication with Condensate Storage Tank site and continue mechanical equipment erection.


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