ETDEWEB goes global



Access to the ETDE World Energy Base (ETDEWEB) database is now open globally.

The countries involved in the ETDE international energy information exchange agreement recognize the value of information sharing to the advancement of energy science and a sustainable future for our world.

Now, anyone with internet access can freely access ETDEWEB content.

This is a significant policy step for ETDE, and we welcome your feedback/support for this decision.

For those of you new to using ETDEWEB, please note that our content of close to 5 million citations has come to us thanks to our members and international partners.

And while ETDEWEB does have a vast collection of PDFs directly and freely available for viewing (almost 500,000), you may encounter citations in ETDEWEB that link to publishers’ sites worldwide where the article/paper may not be free.This is not due to our policies but general copyright.

You may also find that some older citations may also not have full text or links, but the citation should provide some information on where/how it was published. If a digitized copy of an older document becomes available to us, we will add it, as long as permissions are granted.

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