Energy Outlook Report Reveal Oil & Gas Workforce Trends for 2021

Energy Outlook Report charts insights from 22,000 people to reveal oil and gas workforce trends for 2021

  • Health and safety: A poor health and safety reputation was cited as the number one reason candidates would turn down an opportunity, highlighting just how important it is in the battle for talent.
  • Jobs: Over a third of the oil and gas workforce are looking to move to renewables
  • Energy Transition: More than half of survey respondents think the move away from oil and gas is being driven by climate-related fears and that interest in renewables will lead to reduced demand for oil and gas
  • Remuneration: Oil and gas salaries loose edge in North America, with the average coming in around $5k less than in the renewables industry. Keeps lead in Europe, Australasia and Asia. and global manpower company Brunel, have today launched the Energy Outlook Report 2021The report shares recruitment insights into a sector in transition, and points to a number of interesting trends based on data gathered from over 22,000 energy industry professionals across oil and gas, mining, power and renewables. 

The report takes a deep dive into three key themes; health and safety, future outlook and winds of change, uncovering the trends that will shape the next twelve months of recruitment in the sector.

Alex Fourlis, Managing Director of said: “We’re really pleased to be able to share an accurate picture of a sector changing more rapidly than ever before. As the sector adapts to overcome major challenges such as climate change, COVID-19, and political instability, our report offers insights and analysis that will help people on all sides of the recruitment conversation as they navigate this period of upheaval and plan for the year ahead.”

The Energy Outlook Report 2021 also breaks down remuneration trends across key energy regions globally and includes commentary from industry leaders.

Jilko Andringa, Brunel’s CEO said: “Following one of the toughest years on record, and against the backdrop of the energy transition, the energy sector is faced with additional challenges such as declining economies, lower investment, travel restrictions and skills shortages. The Energy Outlook Report 2021 provides a platform to share insights about the future direction of the sector and will help all stakeholders understand the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Read the full report here.

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