Dolphin Geo wins 3D seismic contract offshore Africa

Dolphin has announced it been awarded a 3D seismic contract including fast track data processing by an undisclosed major oil company for a 3-4 months project offshore Africa.

Following the contract signing a Dolphin high-capacity 3D vessel will commence operation during second quarter of 2015 according to the company.

The contract comes weeks after the same company reported it had been awarded a 3D seismic contract in West Africa for an undisclosed independent oil company.

The contract awarded in November 2014 is for a survey with a duration of approximately 40 days and which will be performed during this quarter of 2015 by a Dolphin high-capacity 3D vessel.

Also ongoing is the acquisition and processing of a 7,000 SHarp Broadband 3D survey offshore Senegal following a seismic contract by Kosmos Energy.

Dolphin is using its high-capacity 3D vessel, Polar Duchess which commenced operations in September last year and was set take approximately four months to complete. Dolphin’s OpenCPS software will be utilised both onboard the vessel to produce a PostSTM Fast-Track dataset and then for the final PSTM volume at Dolphin’s UK Processing Centre.

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