Delonex Energy Awarded Exploration License in Ethiopia

British explorer with focus on Central and East Africa Delonex Energy Limited has been awarded an exploration license in Ethiopia covering Blocks 18, 19 and 21 in the Abred-Ferfer area.

The three year initial exploration license awarded late last month covers a total acreage of 29,865sq km with a provision for two extensions of two years each.

Delonex Energy which was formed in 2013 after a $600m investment from Warburd Pincus says it will be leveraging on its technical expertise, proven project execution skills and strong balance sheet to fast track the exploration and development of hydrocarbons..

“We thank the Government of Ethiopia for awarding us an exploration license in the Abred-Ferfer area. We have designed a comprehensive exploration programme leveraging best-in-class technology, to test the oil & gas potential in the region. We will work closely with the Ethiopian government and local communities, to ensure this work programme is implemented rapidly and in line with highest  standards of   Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance,” says Delonex CEO Rahul  Dhir.

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