Construction Of Crude Oil Early Production Facility Starts in Turkana

Dubai based Almansoori Petroleum Company has started the construction of an early Production Facility (EPF) at Amosing that will help block operator Tullow Oil  start the production of oil in South Lokichar under the Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS) according to Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Principal Secretary Andrew Kamau.

The facility estimated enables the country to begin production planned for Q1 2018 early while full field development is being planned and permanent facilities are being built. Other than bringing projects onstream faster early production systems provide real-time production data for appraising reservoir performance before more-expensive long-term facilities are installed.

The facility in South Lokichar is also ideal for the planned 2000 barrels a day which has been condemned as a loss making venture with such plants normally associated with financially risky or uneconomical projects.

In South Lokichar the early oil pilot scheme will start by utilizing over 75,000 barrels of oil already in storage at the Ngamia and Amosing sites and produced during appraisal of the Ngamia and Amosing fields and which is enough to sustain the EOPS for over a month. The Ngamia-11 appraisal well (143 meters of net oil pay) completed in Q4 2017 will also be utilized in a waterflood pilot test planned for the first half of 2018.

Already three firms Prime Fuels, Multiple Hauliers, Oilfield Movers have been contracted to ferry the crude oil by road using insulated containers/tanktainers each having a minimum fluid capacity of 25,000 litres to the Kenya Petroleum Refineries based in Mombasa following the signing of a 3 year lease agreement with Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited (KPRL allowing Kenya Pipeline to use the facilities of KPRL for the Early Oil Pilot Scheme Project. The three firms will over a three year period transport over two million barrels of oil from Lokichar via road with the three year contracts valued at an estimated 1.5 billion shillings.

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