POLY-GCL Plans Ethiopia Gas Exports By 2019

POLY-GCL has hinted that it plans to start gas exports from the Calub and Hilala fields by 2019 through the 700 kilometre Ethiopia-Djibouti pipeline according to Petroleum Minister Motuma Mekassa.

The two fields which have a combined estimated deposits of 4 trillion cubic feet of liquid natural gas (Calub 2.7TCF and Hilala 1.3TCF) and 13.6 million barrels of associated liquids.

Calub field which was discovered in 1973 has 11 wells which are productive with two reservoirs Adigrat with condensate gas and Calub with dry gas.Possible production being considered possible include LNG, GTL and CNG with various liquid products from the condensate being benzene, diesel oil, jet fuel and LPG.

Motuma has further revealed that the company plans to export 3 million cubic meters of LNG per year which is expected to rise to 6 million cubic meters in 2020.

The exports are destined for Asia according to Motuma although details on the exact country were not provided.

The Djibouti Ethiopia pipeline is being constructed by US firm Black Rhino a subsidiary of Blackstone and a South African-based firm at a cost of $1.55 billion and is due for completion in 2018. Djibouti also plans to build a liquefaction plant at its port.

China POLY Group and GCL Group have been long term partners and co-founded POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited to develop the oil & gas project in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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