CGG Geosoftware Releases Earthmodel Ft 9.5

CGG GeoSoftware has launched EarthModel FT 9.5, the latest version of its comprehensive geological modeling software that combines well and seismic data for a better understanding of the reservoir.

Users can determine reservoir properties such as lithofacies, porosity and permeability, for more accurate modeling results. EarthModel FT combines surface mapping, integrated structural modeling, reservoir property modeling and upscaling all in one package, with direct output to most flow simulators.



EarthModel FT helps to identify sweet spots in a 3D reservoir model based on detailed well log data

EarthModel FT 9.5 offers sandboxes where users can independently explore alternative interpretation scenarios and store them separately from the main project. Changes can be incorporated collaboratively into the central database in real time, allowing for information sharing.

Additional enhancements for creating 3D geological grids include an enhanced algorithm for improved vertical layering which minimizes the number of layers needed to make a consistent grid model for use in inversion workflows, driving better model definition and faster inversion results.

Users can access velocity data with the results from GeoSoftware’s velocity modeling product, VelPro, which stores data in the shared wells database.

Robert Chelak, Product Strategy Manager, Reservoir Modeling, CGG GeoSoftware, said: “EarthModel FT provides tools that help our clients mitigate risk and uncertainty. Reservoir models can be easily and quickly updated when data inputs change, making it easy and natural to evaluate “what-if” scenarios. As with all our new software releases, EarthModel FT’s enhanced capabilities demonstrate our ongoing commitment to helping our clients overcome the challenges they face every day.”

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