BOTSWANA: Tlou Energy Announces First Gas Flow from Lesedi 6 Production Pod

Gas has started to flow at the Lesedi 6 Production Pod and has been flared.

This follows the drilling of the new Lesedi 6 production pod and the redrill of the lateral sections of the Lesedi 4 production pod. Post drilling operations each pod was flushed to clear the wells. Production equipment was then installed and dewatering commenced in late October 2023.

In recent days Lesedi 6 experienced a rapid increase in casing pressure in both lateral wells with first gas production to surface occurring soon thereafter.

The rapid build-up of casing pressure and comparatively short time taken from commencement of dewatering to first gas to surface is very encouraging. It represents the fastest gas to surface in the Lesedi field to date.

The next step is to allow the gas flow rate to develop and obtain an initial sustained flow rate. The Company will continue production testing at both Lesedi 4 and Lesedi 6 and update the market in due course.

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