BOTSWANA: Bell Geospace, Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) Launch New Mineral Prospectivity Mapping Project

Bell Geospace and Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI), have announced the launch of a Mineral Prospectivity Mapping project. The announcement coincides with the Africa Mining Summit 2020.

The project area covers a portion of the Molopo Farms Complex in the south-west and extends for approximately 50km north-eastwards towards the Jwaneng Mine.

Re-processed, Full Tensor Gradiometry data, acquired by Bell Geospace on a Zeppelin airship, will be integrated with airborne magnetic, EM, geochemistry and geological information. Classification of the assessed area will be based on its mineral potential and estimation of the proportion of the undiscovered resource that could be economically recoverable.

Access to good integrated, quality data goes a long way when determining the success of operations in a region. BGI has entered into this partnership in support of the mandate to provide specialized geoscientific services and promote the search for minerals in Botswana. Mining companies will be able to use the information to support investment decisions.

Bell Geospace GM, John Macfarlane commented ‘’It is the right time to bring the right people together with the right data. We are looking forward to delivering a world class project for Botswana and set a workflow and proficiency which will have relevance across Africa and beyond’’.

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