ANGOLA: PGS Releases Central Basin Time Data

PGS has released a new Angola Central Basin Time screening dataset, offering the opportunity to evaluate open acreage for proven pre- and post-salt plays in readiness for the 2025 licensing round. Recent legislative changes now incentivize gas and marginal field developments, providing further reasons to evaluate this underexplored region.

This example line from the Angola Central Basin Time dataset demonstrates significant structuration and prospective pre/post-salt basin fill.

Screening Angola Central Basin

This new time product comprises 26 300 sq. km of full stack GeoStreamer 3D data located in the deepwater Kwanza Basin, extending over blocks 24, 25, 38, 39, and 40 that will be open for bidding in the 2025 licensing round. The volume has been processed to PSTM and is an ideal screening product for exploration opportunity identification over this open acreage.

The volume images proven hydrocarbon accumulations in both pre- and post-salt reservoirs and reveals the subsurface at twelve drilled locations. Using the Angola Central Basin Time product, data from these wells and discoveries can be extrapolated over this underexplored area to evaluate multiple plays and identify basin sweet spots offshore Angola.

Recent legislative changes in Angola now incentivize further exploration in development leases, marginal field development, and gas exploitation. The Angola Central Basin Time seismic dataset covers the 2001 Semba, post-salt, oil discovery and the 2015 Katambi, pre-salt, gas discovery. These provide appraisal and development opportunities moving forward under these revised legal frameworks.

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