ANGOLA: PGS Completes Data Imaging of the Kwanza Shelf and Releases Final Products

Final depth-imaged data, now ready for viewing, covers Angola 2021 offshore licensing opportunities. Eight thousand three hundred square kilometers (8 300 sq. km) of GeoStreamer data is available for Blocks 6, 7 and 8 and the surrounding areas of the Kwanza Shelf.

Depth Migrated Data & Final Products Available Now

This latest dataset is highly relevant for those evaluating opportunities in the Angola 2021 offshore license round, which focuses for the first time on the present-day shelf of the Kwanza Basin. This is an area that has been overlooked in previous exploration cycles. The combination of 3D GeoStreamer technology with modern imaging techniques has unlocked several interesting plays in open shallow blocks on the Kwanza Shelf.

Enhanced processing flows including PGS FWI and separated wavefield imaging using PGS SWIM, enabled by high-quality GeoStreamer 3D broadband data, have effectively addressed the imaging challenges that shallow-water environments such as this can present.

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