Aminex Discovers Gas In Tanzania’s Ntorya-2 Well

Aminex has announced that the Ntorya-2 appraisal well located at the Ruvuma Production Sharing Agreement has been successfully drilled to a depth of approximately 2,750 metres and encountered a gross gas bearing reservoir unit of approximately 51 metres at 2,596 metres drilling depth.

According to Aminex the preliminary petrophysical analysis of the Logging While Drilling (LWD) logs indicates a porous and hydrocarbon bearing reservoir with a potential net pay of between 25 and 30 metres.

The company adds that drilling of the reservoir section was associated with significant gas influxes and higher than expected pressures and the result was well ahead of the Company’s pre-drill expectations.

The well is currently being deepened to a total depth of approximately 2,780 metres, prior to a wireline logging programme being run, to allow for the setting of a 7-inch liner below the reservoir interval.

Detailed petrophysical analysis will be conducted on both the LWD and wireline logs. Preparations are currently underway for a comprehensive well testing programme and the Company expects to have results of the flow-testing and ongoing petrophysical analysis by late February.

“We are delighted with the progress of the Ntorya-2 appraisal well, which is ahead of our expectations.The reservoir is both thick and high quality. Aminex looks forward to providing the results of the flow testing which will enable the joint venture to consider its options for development of the Ntorya field,” said CEO of Aminex Jay Bhattacherjee.

Ntorya-2 also encountered traces of oil in the gross reservoir interval and the Company is now evaluating the implications of this positive development through an updated basin model.

The well was spudded in the onshore Ruvuma Basin of Tanzania  on 21 December 2016 in order to appraise further the Ntorya Appraisal Area and Ntorya-1 well which had a net pay of 3.5 metres and flow-tested at 20 million cubic feet per day, with 139 barrels of associated condensate.

The Ntorya field is approximately 40 kilometres from the Madimba gas processing plant,which receives gas into the National Gas Pipeline system.

Depending on the results of the well test, the Company adds it intends to apply for a 25-year development licence over the Ntorya Appraisal Area.

Aminex has a 75% operating interest while Solo Oil has 25% non-operating interest in the well and initial results are expected early next year.

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